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A match made in Tulum

While exploring the vibrant streets of Tulum, we happened upon a small shop selling the most beautiful boho-chic dresses and fell in love. An Instagram search and a few messages later, we were hopping in a cab to meet with the designer in her small studio in Playa del Carmen—only an hour away by cab. Our collaboration quickly fell into place by finalizing the shapes, fabrics and colors of these beach-chic silhouettes while in her studio that day.

“In each design I want to convey who I am—give a little of myself and a little magic.”

Imbued with the spirit of the Riviera Maya


Founder and designer of the artisanal clothing brand, buleBOO (pronounced boo-lay-boo), Andrea Cabrera, prides herself on creating garments that cater to the tastes and needs of women. The single-size dresses she designs are easy silhouettes cut to flatter many different body shapes. Her goal is to make women feel sensual, feminine and comfortable. Handcrafted from locally made fabrics and finished with thoughtful details, buleBOO’s versatile dresses can be worn for a variety of occasions—the beach being the perfect spot.

In a light-filled studio in the coastal town of Playa del Carmen, Andrea Cabrera dreams up her designs—not by sketching but by cutting and draping, letting the fabric speak to her. Likening her design process to a game of creative expression, this free-spirited philosophy shows in her work. 100% handmade in her shop, by a team of three, each dress is made with great love and dedication. True to the bohemian essence of the brand, Andrea does not use plastic in her packaging, opting instead for a sewn fabric bag. We feel a kindred spirit with our own candle bags.



Founder & Designer - buleBOO

Originally from Uruguay, Andrea fell in love with Mexico after visiting her sister in Playa del Carmen. The Mexican Caribbean serves as a continual source of inspiration, from the textiles she uses to the free-spirited attitude present in her designs. Her relaxed sense of style embodies the essence of the brand: that each woman who wears one of her garments feels sensual, comfortable and empowered to be herself.


The Tulum Collection

A story inspired by our experiences in the Riviera—and the new friends we made there—reveals itself in relaxed and easy silhouettes, infused with the bohemian spirit of the seaside lifestyle and colors reflected in the natural landscape.
Large Beldi glass candle in Dune

The Beldi glass candles

Sustainably-made with recycled materials and filled with our hand-poured candles, this collaboration celebrates the beauty in the handmade.