• The LOVE Behind Mer-Sea

    Mer-Sea is 4 1/2 now. Is that still considered a toddler? Or would you call her a preschooler now?   We have gotten through the sleepless nights (mostly, Melanie gets a good night sleep, on average, 3 out of 7 nights).    We have gotten through the terrible twos. Oh my, Mer-Sea could throw quite ... View Post
  • The Travelers

    This is so near and dear to our hearts that the list could literally be endless. We are so inspired by the idea of travel we could create a gift guide every month... and we might just do that.    Regardless of whether you have an opportunity to actually travel to exotic locations or not, the ... View Post
  • The Doers

    Crafters, artisans, foodies - all doers. We consider ourselves doers too - always on the go and coming up with something new to share.  It's a delight to create a card, package an item in a special way or make something delicious to wrap up for a loved one during the holidays. It represents a pi... View Post

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