Water.org - Sea Change


      Why did we chose to partner with Water.orgGood question, because we researched many amazing and worthy organizations. Read more about it here.

But, ultimately, the impact that clean water and sanitation have on women and children won our hearts, because...

                                                                        1) We love water (obviously)  
                                                                        2) We are mothers  
                                                                        3) Water.org and Mer-Sea are both headquartered in Kansas City  

Our partnership begins with a candle, appropriately named “Sea Change.”  Its aquatic scent will fill your home, and every time you smell it, you can think of someone that now has access to water because of you. ALL PROFITS from the sale of our “Sea Change” candle go directly to Water.org. Let’s see how much we can donate together! Merci!


Melanie + Lina